It’s not unusual for us to be briefed to launch a report with a couple of weeks’ notice. Or to develop a campaign ready to be rolled out in a month or so.

That’s fine; it’s always do-able.

But we are currently working on an initiative with a much longer lead-in. There are many benefits of course. Honing the strategy, creating plenty of content, working in different mediums, involving a wider range of partners.

And working far enough ahead to tie up long-lead features so that their publication coincides with short-lead coverage, for maximum impact.

If you’re targeting weekend supplements, consumer magazines or professional titles, our team’s top tips will help:

  • Long-lead content is written weeks or months in advance of publication, so get your planning done and allow yourself plenty of time
  • Check lead-times, deadlines and publication dates, to make sure you integrate all your coverage to appear at the same time
  • Think carefully about the content needed by long-lead titles, as it’s very different to newsier, more immediate dailies, online and broadcast media; you’ll need to do more than circulate a tweaked version of a news release
  • Your approach needs to be different too; this is about discussing ideas and working with the features commissioner, then generating content to fit
  • And remember, no two magazines are going to run identical features, so find out what works best for individual titles and their readers, and tailor your ideas accordingly

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