Today it’s time to #ReclaimSocial 

Today it’s time to #ReclaimSocial 

Last year marked the launch of #ReclaimSocial. Over 16 million social media impressions, from a total of 1,600 social posts, spread messages of positivity, hope and inspiration across Twitter and Facebook.

This year #ReclaimSocial celebrates its second year, and so far, charities and organisations including Action for Happiness, WWF UK, NCVO, Oxfam and Macmillan Cancer Support, have shared optimistic messages on Twitter using the hashtag. Here’s a few of our favourites:



What is #ReclaimSocial?

It is a brilliant opportunity for charities to showcase the amazing work they do every day, and be at the forefront of positive and inspiring messages.

Tech-for-good company Lightful launched the initiative with a simple message: “there’s too much negativity on social media, let’s ‘reclaim social’ for good.”

We agree. We love the way the campaign focuses on the positive use of social media to counteract the negativity that fills our feeds. It’s also interesting timing with the media reporting today that social media bosses may be arrested and held personally responsible for hosting content that is harmful to children or vulnerable people.

How can you get involved in #ReclaimSocial, if not already?                                    

The charitable sector is full of people and causes that do inspiring things every single day, whether it is achieving long or short-term goals, or even simple acts of kindness between colleagues.

Share these stories on social media today, using the #ReclaimSocial hashtag. And add a little brightness to the world.

By James Gillies