The value of Small Charity Week

The value of Small Charity Week

Small charities are often the glue which holds communities together. They frequently operate at a local scale, and provide services to a specific group of people. Research commissioned by Lloyds Bank has shown that when tackling social issues such as mental health, domestic violence and homelessness, smaller charities have a distinctive impact. This is because they are often the first responders in a crisis, creating spaces where people feel safe, respected and useful. They are also personal in their approach, with familiar faces being able to build trust and provide continued support within a community.

Despite the economic and social benefits produced by small and local charities, there is a critical mismatch between the help they provide, and the awareness which surrounds them. The prominence of larger charities also means that government funding and public donations are frequently directed towards these bigger organisations. Sadly, this often results in smaller charities having fewer resources, which are needed to provide and expand their services. Small Charity Week helps to change this.

Now in its eighth year, Small Charity Week raises awareness of the work of these organisations, as well as providing them with valuable information and networks throughout the week. This includes events to engage with local and national governmental bodies, expert advice panels and workshops on fundraising methods. The week’s activities will celebrate the amazing work of small charities, whilst helping to develop them as organisations.

At the moment, there certainly aren’t enough opportunities to shout about the wonderful work of small and local charities. This week is a step in the right direction, and a great opportunity for them to showcase their successes. Hopefully, it will help to raise awareness and spread the word that there most definitely is something to be said for the #valueofsmall.

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Rachel Pearson