The importance of small charities

The importance of small charities

This week (17-22 June) is Small Charity Week 2019. Now in its ninth year, it’s a special time to shout about all the incredible work that small charities and community groups do.

Most of us are aware that a few big charities dominate the public consciousness. But we tend to be less knowledgeable about the very large number of small, often local organisations which, while they may be small in terms of income and assets, have an enormous collective impact.

In fact, small charities account for more than a third of all charities. After years of cuts when councils are increasingly prioritising statutory services, many provide indispensable support to people facing multiple and complex disadvantage.[1]

But with fewer resources, some organisations have to work hard to make every penny count. Each day of Small Charity Week focuses on a specific topic, such as Big Advice Day, and Policy Day. To help, we’ll be highlighting free guides and advice across the week on our Twitter feed

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