An event on 9th October to get pupils putting down their pens and picking up their language! Help us reach as many schools as possible!


No Pens Day Wednesday is a national speaking and listening event run by The Communication Trust. The event is now in its third year and is more popular than ever with over 1,900 schools already signed up to take part.

We’re working to make sure this exciting, engaging and impactful event reaches as many schools as possible and are asking for your help to spread the word about it.

A bit more about No Pens Day Wednesday…

No Pens Day Wednesday (NPDW) encourages schools to focus on the importance of speaking and listening in every lesson by supporting them to plan a whole day of lessons that don’t involve writing!

NPDW is fun and engaging for pupils but also gives them a really valuable opportunity to develop their communication skills and use them to support their learning.

NPDW 2013 is taking place on Wednesday 9th October- just 3 weeks away!-and we already have over 1,900 schools registered to take part!

Once they’ve registered on our website schools can access the brilliant range of free resources we provide to help them get involved and make the most of their day.

Exciting resources for 2013 include:

  • 2013 activity pack
  • A lesson planning outcomes matrix
  • New activity ideas for primary and secondary
  • Using photographs to stimulate speaking and listening
  • A brilliant NPDW display poster for schools and one to send home to parents
  • 5-minute lesson planner templates

NPDW and the media

As well as all these great practical resources to help make planning the day as straightforward as possible, we provide a host of fantastic media and marketing support resources to help schools shout about the great work they’re doing to improve children’s speech, language and communication.

We provide:

  • Media toolkit
  • E-comms tookit
  • Draft press release
  • Handy one-pager to help schools spread the word about their NPDW

These resources are all accessible once schools have registered and take them step by step through the things they might want to do to get people talking about their work.

If you work with schools and want to get them involved in a straightforward and really engaging project with great support to help them get both media attention and work to improve their approach to children’s speech, language and communication NPDW is here for you!

How can you help spread the word about NPDW?

So… now you know more about NPDW can you help us spread the word? If you work with any schools, parents, teaching organisations or other audiences that might benefit from getting involved with NPDW we’ve got two helpful resources to help you let them know about it:

  • A useful messaging document you can download here which contains loads of useful copy for your newsletters, websites, email contacts and social media sites to help you spread the word.
  • You can also circulate this one pager to any of your relevant contacts; schools, parents, teaching forums – anyone you think might be interested and want to get involved.

Help us reach as many schools and pupils as possible and get them putting down their pens and picking up their language on Wednesday 9th October 2013!

Thank you from all of us here at The Communication Trust!

Jo Bolton is Project Officer at The Communication Trust