Warning: contains information that some may find uplifting

Warning: contains information that some may find uplifting

We recently spotted a blog on Third Sector encouraging us to stress less, slow down, and get more creative.

Many will agree with this advice. But most of us need a steer and support from others, to be brave and to change our perspective.

So, to make this happen we’ve just kicked off a series of Flourish 2013 events, with our Participation Agency colleagues. The aim: to re-energise people within the sector who are finding the climate de-motivating.

Our first event took place high above London, on the 32nd floor of the CentrePoint building. A fantastic group of people, from all sorts of NFP organisations, met early to admire the view and allow it to stimulate thinking around perspective and viewpoint, working through some facilitated exercises.

Taking a different look at the world resulted in great discussions and insights. The outcome: uplift!

‘I feel fantastically inspired’

‘This has been like taking a huge breath of fresh air’

‘This has really lifted me up out of the grind’

‘The people and the environment made such a difference’

‘Diverse, sharing – challenging too’

We know that bringing people together who are willing to be inventive and daring will help us all to thrive into the future, rather than simply survive day-to-day. So we’re looking forward to the next events.

If you are interested in knowing more, please get in touch.