Update from Amazon PR’s (temporary) HQ

Update from Amazon PR’s (temporary) HQ

Like everyone else, we are now so used to working from home we can barely remember what being in the office was like. We prepared early; so early it felt a bit like an over-reaction. But when the time came, the switch was smooth.   

We moved through the frenetic early days and the Amazon team pulled together. We found new ways to collaborate and communicate. We supported one another so we could also care for younger and older relatives, and partners and friends whose jobs were affected. 

As the world shifted day by day, we discussed with clients whether or not to stick to agreed plans. One or two imminent projects went on hold, for very sensible reasons. The rest have continued, albeit with some necessary adaptations. Other clients have launched new initiatives in response to the crisis. 

Now we are settled into our new norm, we are picking up on some of our own activity that had been shunted lower down the to-do list. We are re-booking our in-house training sessions. And catching up on appraisals and staff development plans. We will also be adding to our library of free guides and tips on our website. 

Without doubt, the voluntary sector will be changed by this crisis. The wider PR and comms profession will too. Our working practices are unlikely to return to normal. There will be a new normal. We are small enough to remain responsive and we hope we will continue to adapt, calmly and creatively. 

To our clients and our friends in the sector, we echo what many others are saying. Our communities need a strong charity sector now more than ever. Carry on doing what you do – and do it in a way that means you remain relevant. Communicate clearly and with authenticity. We all need to remember our values and believe in our impact. 

To my colleagues, I want to say thank you. What a dedicated, resilient and inspiring bunch you are.  

Amazon PR is open for business, (more or less) as usual. You can contact us on 020 7700 6952 or email info@amazonpr.co.uk.