Strategic comms: a must for 2013

Strategic comms: a must for 2013

Last year saw the voluntary sector squeezed even further, with reduced funding and higher need taking its toll on charity budgets and services. Many have needed to adapt to survive; re-branding, re-structuring, cutting services, changing fundraising strategy, with some smaller and medium sized organisations even being forced to close their doors.

So what lies ahead for 2013? Chief Executive of ACEVO, Sir Stephen Bubb, said yesterday that the reality many charities now face is ‘crippling spending cuts’. In a letter to the Prime Minister, published in The Times, he described progress towards the Big Society, as ‘glacially slow’ and called on the Government to re-new its commitment to charities.

Unfortunately there is much to suggest that voluntary organisations will continue to struggle in 2013. Many may consider reducing – or even cutting out completely – PR and communications activity in a bid to save costs. In reality though, now is the time for charities to communicate more effectively than ever the need for their services and the impact of their work.

A well thought out, strategic communications plan, is essential and will allow you to focus on priorities for 2013; be that fundraising, communicating change, stakeholder engagement, profile raising or more. With a robust strategy in place, the precious resources you do have can be used effectively to make sure that, amongst continuing uncertainty and upheaval in the sector, your message, and the voice of the people you support, will be ringing out loud and clear.

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