Making PR

Making PR

Many people, including charity trustees, Chief Executives and Finance Directors, think of PR and fundraising as intrinsically linked – that if you generate lots of media coverage, you will see a surge in donations.

If only things were that simple.

In reality, there are many stages between someone hearing about, or reading about, your organisation and its work, and them making a decision to support you with their precious time or money. The role of PR is to bridge that gap, in close partnership with the fundraising team.

That partnership is crucial, but too often PR and fundraising teams seem to misunderstand each other, or to work in their own separate worlds, avoiding rather than embracing opportunities to combine forces.

That’s why the latest in our series of Amazon guides explores the role PR plays in fundraising, with an emphasis on how both sides can work in harmony together.

The guide is free to download here, or from

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