Improving charity sector comms: Amazon workshop

Improving charity sector comms: Amazon workshop

It is more important than ever for charities to demonstrate the impact of their work and to ensure the right people understand the difference they make.

To help senior members of the not-for-profit sectors communicate with greater clarity and authority, Amazon with our Participation Agency partners is running a workshop in September.

This is part of a series of events, Flourish2013, to inspire new ways of thinking. By challenging assumptions, seeking fresh insight and making new connections, the events have so far explored ideas around perspective, viewpoint, detail and clarity.

This latest workshop applies similar themes, but in the context of the way charities communicate about their work. We will consider the words we use, the effect they have and how we can make the most compelling case for what we do.

Places are invite-only, but anyone interested in finding out more should contact Amazon on 020 7700 6952.