Foyer Federation 21 Stories launch

Foyer Federation 21 Stories launch

We love what we do, and who we do it for. Every project is rewarding in its own way. But last night saw the launch of a piece of work that has truly inspired and energised us, leaving a lasting impression on all involved.

Last night, the Foyer Federation marked 21 years, with 21 Stories, an incredible range of perspectives on an incredible, radical organisation transforming opportunities for young people.

I won’t try to tell you what’s amazing about this charity, or about the project. As the Foyer Federation’s Chief Executive Jane Slowey said to all those gathered together at the Museum of London (a crowd that would have been impressive even without a tube strike), authentic voices should be allowed to speak for themselves. All I’d say is check out these stories. Watch them, listen to the experiences being shared, and learn from them. We have.

In the course of four intensive filming days, and all the work around them, we listened to songs, laughed a lot, held back tears, and were astounded by the strength and determination shown by young people like Jess, Russelle, Martin, Jenny and James. Those young people, and many others, told us all we needed to know about the importance of valuing and appreciating what this generation has to offer. We are converts to the Foyer Federation’s mode of ‘advantaged thinking’, and we hope 21 Stories will convert many more.

Jane said last night that young people should be the central characters in their own stories. The Foyer Federation has allowed those characters the opportunity to stand alongside funders, providers and partners, shoulder to shoulder on a level platform, with truly inspiring results. We are thrilled to have played our part in a great storytelling project that will deliver real impact for years to come.