Flourishing in 2013

Flourishing in 2013

According to last year’s annual Charity Pulse report, morale in the voluntary sector is at an all-time low.

The number of charity workers who would recommend their organisation as an employer is falling. Senior managers are said to be out of touch and losing respect, while staff are feeling unappreciated.

Thankfully the report (by Third Sector and consultants Birdsong) highlights some positive things that happier charities are doing, including:

– Being more inventive, daring and willing to change
– Taking a fresh look at the way things are done
– Breaking down silos and bringing people together
– Facilitating internal conversation
– Giving staff greater ownership of projects
– Seeking new partnerships

We can all learn a lot from this encouraging list. But sometimes we need a steer and support from others, to be brave and to change our perspective.

As such, with our Participation Agency colleagues, we’re running a set of Flourish 2013 events, to re-energise people within the sector who are finding the climate de-motivating and cheer on those who are motivated, despite the climate.

We are looking forward to invigorating, dynamic discussion and to facilitating connections and new ideas. We know that bringing people together who are willing to be inventive and daring will help us all to thrive into the future, rather than simply survive day-to-day.