Amazon supports the Affordable Housing Commission

Amazon supports the Affordable Housing Commission

Amazon will continue to work with the Smith Institute, the independent public policy think tank, on the Affordable Housing Commission.

Following our work to launch the Commission in October 2018, we will be responsible for building a bank of supporting case studies, which show the impact of the affordability crisis. We will also manage media pushes around the Commission’s work and its final policy recommendations.

The Affordable Housing Commission is an independent, non-partisan group established by the Smith Institute with the support of the Nationwide Foundation.  It is chaired by Lord Best with 15 leading players from across the housing world.

Paul Hackett, Director of the Smith Institute comments:

“At a time when there is a huge debate about levels of poverty and inequality in the UK, the Commission is looking at how housing unaffordability affects people’s day to day lives and how we might go about fixing the crisis.

“Once again, we’re delighted to be working with Amazon who will be able to broaden the reach of the Affordable Housing Commission with storytelling and media work.”