Alcohol Change UK appoints Amazon PR again to support Dry January 2021

Alcohol Change UK appoints Amazon PR again to support Dry January 2021

Amazon PR has been appointed by Alcohol Change UK to provide media relations support for Dry January, for the second year running.

The annual behaviour change campaign sees millions of people go alcohol-free for a month, and evidence shows that 70% of them are still drinking more healthily six months later. Dry January 2021 will adapt to fit the COVID-19 pandemic, acknowledging the challenges everyone has faced this year.

We have been brought on board to ensure Alcohol Change UK, the charity behind Dry January, is central to the media conversation. National and regional media packages will include research findings, expert tips and case studies, reaching a wide audience and encouraging people to participate and download the app.

Maddy Lawson, Head of Communications at Alcohol Change UK says:

“We’re pleased to be working in partnership with Amazon PR again. Having their expert support for the campaign’s media relations activity will be essential in ensuring our messaging reaches as many people as possible who stand to benefit from Dry January.

“We want to make sure people see the benefits of taking on an alcohol-free month – both the short-term bonuses like better sleep, boosted energy and saving money, and the bigger long-term reward of healthier, happier drinking. Many of us have found ourselves slipping into habits we’d like to break in 2020. So this year more than ever, we want to encourage people to take part in Dry January 2021 with support and drink more healthily all year-round.”