Amazon at 15: older and wiser?

Amazon at 15: older and wiser?

To mark our 15th birthday, we considered shouting about our greatest achievements. Exciting campaigns, award nominations, high profile events. They are some of our favourite moments. But so are many of the small projects we’ve done for little-known charities. Not to mention our work on challenging and complex social and environmental issues.

Many wonderful people have worked with us and supported us over the years. Thank you to those who have advised us, to all our inspiring clients, to our loyal friends and partners, and especially to our talented and tireless Amazonians. You rock!

Reflecting on the many clients we’ve helped and the people who have helped us, what seems more important than individual highlights is what we’ve learnt along the way. Things like…

Hand-in-hand is the only way to land
A successful project depends on a successful relationship. The way agency and client teams plan, work and communicate is directly linked to results. The same is true when there’s no agency and it’s in-house departments working together. We all know this, but it’s one of those maxims that’s easier to say than do.

What works? Constantly checking that lines of communication are open, issues and opportunities are being discussed while there’s still time to act, and achievements are celebrated together.

Not every ‘creative idea’ is a good idea
We all love an imaginative solution and a cool concept. But not if it doesn’t achieve objectives. The very best ideas are dripping with strategic thinking. Take a risk, but a considered one.

Does it fit? Do your research, figure out your strategy, come up with your ideas, then check back. Does the idea truly fit the strategy?

A difficult delivery?
Everyone rates ‘high-level’ thinking. But sometimes people under-value the hard graft and boring old project management that goes into effective delivery. There’s not much point having a stand-out campaign plan, but messing up on the implementation.

Our tip: Put as much effort into doing a campaign as you did in crafting and developing it. Value every member of the delivery team, whatever their role.

Less is more
Again, easier said than done.

Do this: Only say what really needs saying. You’ll gain hours. In which to be a smart and ruthless editor of everything written.

We’ve learnt – and are learning – these lessons. If we continue to practice what we preach, our next 15 years will be a breeze. See you all along the way.