Amazon PR reflects on the NHS at 70

Amazon PR reflects on the NHS at 70


As the National Health Service celebrates its 70th birthday, the Amazon PR team has taken time to reflect on what the NHS means to us. Like most people in the UK, it has had a profound impact on all our lives:


The NHS is just incredible and has given so much to our family. Without it, we wouldn’t have two gorgeous sons, their Granny (who they idolise) and my beautiful nephew. I can’t thank the doctors and nurses enough who worked so tirelessly to support our family and millions like us.


We’ve had amazing support from the NHS over the last two years: two rounds of IVF, a miscarriage in A&E, a birth at 20 weeks, baby loss support, a MMN diagnosis & IVIG treatment. We are so appreciative for all the help we’ve had from incredible doctors, nurses and midwives. We must fight to save our NHS and ensure it’s free at the point of need.


My mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the beginning of my last term of Uni. I thrashed out all of my final term assessments in the space of ten days and returned home to help my mum through the chemo, radiotherapy and agonising pain. The NHS was the silent hero in the background throughout all her treatment. No one there asked for thanks, it was their job to help after all. But no amount of thank yous could ever express my gratitude for everything everyone did to help my mum.


The NHS has been there for me, my family and my friends, during the very darkest and brightest moments in our lives. To me the NHS is about care and commitment, equality and fairness. It’s not perfect but it is something to treasure and we should fight to protect it.